About Us

About Revita Consulting: Natural Elegance Crafted with Care

In a world of fast fashion and synthetic fabrics, Revita Consulting offers a refreshing alternative - women's clothing made from premium natural fibers crafted with exceptional skill. Our mission is to create elegant pieces that showcase the beauty and versatility of nature's finest materials.

Founded in 2016 by designer Kristina Reva, Revita Consulting was born out of a passion for the Swiss traditions of exquisite tailoring and sustainable fabrics. We draw inspiration from the majestic Swiss Alps, meticulously sourcing organic linen, soft mercerized cotton, and luxurious pure silk.

Each Revita Consulting dress, blouse or skirt is a limited edition garment brought to life through intricate handwork by our skilled artisans. Centuries-old techniques like hand embroidery, lace knitting, and intricate draping are passed down through generations, breathing elegant character into every stitch and texture.

At Revita Consulting, we don't just make clothing - we celebrate an ethos of effortless luxury in harmony with nature. Our pieces envelop you in authentic charm, the gentle caress of natural fibers, and the art of Swiss craftsmanship imbued into every design.

Join us in the Revita Consulting world - a sanctuary of timeless elegance where nature's finest materials meet the soul of Swiss artisanship. Together, we are crafting a sustainable legacy of style that endures.