About Us

In 2017, a team of Swiss researchers were making breakthroughs in understanding hair and scalp disorders. Dr. Hans Müller, a renowned trichologist from the University of Zurich who specialized in genetic hair loss, partnered with Dr. Sabina Berner, a dermatologist from the University of Basel with expertise in laser therapies for scalp rejuvenation. They were joined by Dr. Max Wilander, a biochemist from the Swiss Federal Institute who led cutting-edge research into hair follicle stem cell metabolism.
Driven to turn their findings into transformative products, they partnered with cosmetic chemists to begin formulating plant-based hair and scalp treatments. Starting in Dr. Wilander's lab, they tirelessly experimented with botanical extracts like mint, rosemary, and green tea.
In 2018, they founded RevitaGro in Switzerland with a mission to harness nature's regenerative power through science. They assembled a multidisciplinary team including trichologists, dermatological nurses, and herbalists to perfect formulas through rigorous testing.
Over the next few years, RevitaGro' products gained cult status for their visible results in reducing shedding and stimulating growth. In 2021, they launched their hero serum, backed by Dr. Müller's research, that reduced hair loss by over 40% in clinical trials.
As demand exploded, their Swiss manufacturing facilities expanded to meet the highest standards of sustainable production. By 2024, RevitaGro offered a full range including Dr. Berner's scalp scrubs and masks powered by Dr. Wilander's stem cell research.
Today, RevitaGro is an industry leader in science-backed botanical solutions developed by over 20 scientists and doctors like Drs. Müller, Berner and Wilander. Their ethical, Swiss-made formulas deliver remarkable hair and scalp rejuvenation results.